FLIR E8 discount

For anyone interested in a new imager, Monroe Infrared is selling the FLIR E8-XT for $1700.00

FLIR E8-XT » Monroe Infrared


Actually they are offering $1700 dollars OFF. They don’t post the actual price so rest assured it is too high!

Yes, they do actually, look again.

You are right, there it is in tiny print $1699!
Smilie- sorry

Yeah, not a great ad design!

Buy it direct from Flir for the same price! No confusing advert…

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Same price, why not help out Monroe?

They constantly spam me. Flir doesn’t! Any company that does that doesn’t deserve my business!

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You know it’s easy to fix that right? :crazy_face:

Really? WOW!
You must frequently deal with idiots to have the need to suggest that!
You understand that with Spammers, 99% of the time that is a ‘nothing’ request.
It’s the same as Robo-Scammers… it informs them they got a “Live One” at that number and escalates the frequency of Spam!!

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Oh ok JJ. Don’t get your blood pressure up. Monroe are not spammers. I unsubscribed a while back and haven’t heard a peep. You understand that 99% of all stats shared on the internet are made up on the spot. FYI, email marketing campaigns are actually nothing like Robo-Scammers.

What a great price. Really.
Good in Canada?

So many opportunities :wink:

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