E4 to E8 Upgrade

[size=4]Looking to purchase a Thermal Camera and came across this ad. This company has new Flir E4 cameras and says he has upgraded them to E8. Sells them for $1800.
Can an E4 camera be upgraded to E8 just by upgraded the cameras software.

The Ad reads:

"Brand New Flir E4 - E8 Plus Upgraded Thermal Camera 320 x 240

WATCH OUT: Other sellers are selling “upgraded” cameras
but they are only applying the resolution hack and not the menu hack
which gives you many more features. When purchasing through me I
apply both the resolution hack and menu hack!

Brand new Flir E4 with MSX Enhancement, upgraded to Flir E8 resolution and features and more. You cannot find an IR camera with these features and image quality for the price. Online retailers sell the Flir E8 for $7000 +"

Hi, please search the forum, there are many topics about this.

$1800 is too much. Most have been going for under $1500 with the full hack including the menu. The better ones will even install your logo on start up. And the Flir E8 is now selling for under $4k.

With the current trend of ever increasing problems with new technology, and the multitude of Flir Branded products with recurring defects, why would anyone purchase a “hacked” anything that would have a VOIDED manufacturers warranty, new or not?

We get the E8 for way way lower than 4K. The current E4’s cannot be hacked. Beware of old hacked cameras.

I actually have a hacked IR camera. I bought a used (very slightly used) E5 from Craigslist for $900 (or something like that). Of course I tested the E5 for a bit before I purchased it. I paid a computer geek to do the complete hack to an E8. It works perfectly as an E8 (over a year now). I took a live Thermography course from Monroe Infrared and the instructor played with the hacked camera for a while and was sincerely amazed with it.

There are some things to consider. First, as John pointed out, the newer E series cameras cannot be hacked. In addition, as John points out, if you are going to pay $1,800 for a hack and he can get you a super deal on a legit E8, that might be worth considering. Second, as Jeffrey pointed out, if the warranty is important to you than don’t buy the hacked camera. Again, it might be better to pay the extra $1,500ish and get a brand new E8 from John.

Hope this helps.

Thanks foe every ones comments. I think I will shy away from the hacked version.