FLIR e8 Sale ... Wow

FLIR e8 … 320x240 resolution. New with full warranty and extra goodies,
is on sale for our IR students (past and present).

Your gonna love this deal we got for our students. Way beyond what you
would expect. Contact me for details via <>

This info about the camera sale cannot be posted in public.

See our web site for webinar class details.



This is FLIR promotion. Just about all retailers are discounting the E8 by 33% for a limited time.

We beat that price by a HUGE amount. We are way below what your quoting. Our students get the lowest prices. Hooyaaah

Whats your price for an E8 John?

The manufacturer restricts what prices can be quoted in public. Sorry.
This is not hype but a policy that we respect.

Everybody in town is offering $3900

Craig said he got his for $3,300. Thats pretty darn good.

They sort of needed to bring the price down with all the hacked E4’s on the market for $1500 or less.

John …

Are your guys prices as good as Craig’s … The $3,300 or below?

Dan… I sent you a PM. I am not at liberty to say anymore.