FLIR IRV for iphone

Has anyone used FLIR’s IRV plug and play attachment on their phone? I’m thinking about getting one because it’s a lot cheaper than their gun models. I know it won’t be as easy, but I’m wondering if it still takes good infrared pictures.

I’m talking about their pro model for about $400–not the cheaper personal one.

I’ve been searching reviews of it and am considering one myself. Would be really nice to be able to take pictures and load right into the report.

When it comes to IR imaging you pay for what you get.
There is a reason why professional inspectors have high end IR cameras.
Save your money and get at the minimum an E4.

When it comes to IR, the imager resolution is key. The FLIR One Pro actually has better IR resolution than the E4.

If you are using the FLIR One Pro within the confines of a standard HI, this imager will work just fine.

If you intend to offer advanced IR services, you’ll certainly need a much higher quality imager.

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Thanks, Jeffrey. I’m just looking for something to include in my HI at no extra cost, so I’ll probably go that route. Great info!

Be sure to get the FLIR One Pro and not the FLIR One Pro LT.

The Pro resolution is 19,100 compared to the Pro LT at 4,800 and the price difference is only about $100

I understand the allure of a less-expensive alternative to the desire to include IR in your inspections, but I am glad I took Charley Botger’s advice and threw down for the E8. His advice and my research led me to conclude that the Flir One Pro was not the right tool for me as a professional inspector.

I came across this excellent review by a home inspector, comparing the Flir One Pro the the Flir E6. Both have the same resolution, but the photos produced by the E6 have better clarity and contrast.

A quote from this review “It’s clumsy. You need two hands to use this thing. If you want one-handed operation, get a dedicated camera, not something that plugs into a mobile phone. This camera is meant for the occasional user, not a home inspector.”

Other comments in the review draw attention to the fact that there are several key features in the dedicated E series cameras that the Flir One Pro lacks.

In practice, I find myself picking up my IR camera several times during an inspection. I am glad I don’t have to go through the process of installing an add-on and firing up whatever app is needed to access it.

In the course of talking to potential clients about the use of IR in my home inspections, I will point out that there are many inspectors using the lower-end solutions which, in my opinion, are limited in their usefulness and produce less-reliable results. Trying to enter the IR arena with a budget option puts you at a disadvantage when such discussions arise.

If you are like me, you may not remember to bring in all your equipment in the evening to charge it up, and if you do, you run the risk of not remembering to take it with you the next morning. Being able to swap out the battery when necessary is very important to me, and something that cannot be done with the Flir One Pro. By the way, the battery in the Flir One Pro is not replaceable. When it stops taking a charge, your only option is replacing the entire unit.

Advice you will hear a lot is “Do your training first - then you will know what to buy”. In any event, do not attempt to start using IR in your inspections without proper training from a trusted source (such as Infraspection Institute). Their basic course (with InterNACHI discount) is $495. Such training is indispensable in understanding how infrared radiation behaves and what those funny-colored images are actually telling you. I think it is a valid question to ask if it makes sense to spend less on an infrared camera than on the training for its use.

Thanks William. I read the review you mentioned, plus other reviews, and I decided not to get the Pro for IOS. I went ahead and bought an E6 (the most I could afford) and am going to take the training.

I noticed a huge difference between the cameras—and I want to be able to just lift it up and view certain things through it (with or without taking a picture) throughout an inspection. The E6 or E8 does seem to be the better way to go—if you have the money for it.

I think you will be pleased with your choice. Best of luck!