Thoughts on Flir One Pro?

I’ve finished my Infrared cert and I can’t see any reason not to buy a Flir One Pro. I like the advantage of it just being an accessory to my iPhone, and it’s primary purpose would be to look for moisture, insulation slips, drafts, and electrical hotspots. The thermal resolution is 160x120 may be lower than some high-end cameras, but the way it layers the visual spectrum seems like it would do the job. I’m about to pull the trigger, but I thought I’d check with the hive mind first :wink:

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Do a search of the MB and you won’t need to ask.

Might I ask who certified you???

InterNachi. Why? Seven question marks?


You show me how to do a search on thes board and I will. It won’t take “one” or “pro” - Just Flir with about 40 million threads.

I want the opinions of people that have used the new Flir One Pro, not Flirs in general or the Flir one. I’m pretty impressed with how it’s presented on their web site.

This is one way to answer your question; If you were hired to join a professional framing crew, as foreman, would you show up on the first day with this?: :mrgreen:

The search feature sucks on the MB… goto the thermal imaging section and scan through the threads to find what you seek… pun intended :lol: In a nut shell all of the professional level 3 Thermographers here will advise you to take at least the level 1 training before you decide on which camera to invest in.

No, that doesn’t answer my question - at all.

Have you seen it? Have you tried it? Or are you just thumping your chest because you laid out a ton of cash that today’s technology can perform just as well for less money? If you don’t have first hand knowledge of the capabilities of a Flir One Pro, please sit over there in the peanut gallery and save this forum some band width. If you do, I’d appreciate hearing about it.

I will use it to supplement and enhance standard Home inspections. To help spot water and heat leaks. I’m not going to perform energy audits with it.

I used to cross this country on a Kawasaki Vulcan, only being held up by my Road King friends who had to fix **** every 200 miles. I’m all for twice the technology for half the price.

I appreciate that, and as I advance my training I very well could decide I needed bigger artillery. Right now I think that the One Pro has enough features to help me in standard home inspections.

I’m looking for folks with experience with this new camera, not People that will bash it without trying it because, well, they are level three Thermographers. Right now, I don’t think they have to worry about me eating up their market share.:D:D

My apologies on the analogy…just trying to help.

I haven’t used the Flir One Pro but I did pass both my ITC Infrared Thermal Imaging Building Sciences class and my ITC Infrared Thermal Imaging Level I class. And, in the process, learned enough to know not to bring a, less than adequate, tool for the job.

You may find others that have jumped onto the Flir One and please, by all means, buy the Flir One Pro, if you conclude it is what you need to do the job you want to do.

“You’re NEVER going to get a better image than what THIS baby can Deliver”

TV camera.jpg

Thanks, Larry. I do appreciate your input. I’m trying to provide a better product for the average home inspection - and I, in my limited knowledge and zero experience, can’t see a darn reason (from what Flir is showing me) that this won’t do a more than adequate job.

I spot a cool spot, I test with a meter.

I don’t do Pi**in matches I quit those when JJ decided to leave me alone and I am not going to start one with you. I was just curious where and if you had any training. I can tell how much one knows by who trained them in IR.

I don’t put a price tag on my tools I buy what I need to do the job I want to do. I buy all kinds of tools its called investing in my business. :wink:

When I was teaching at Inframation (Flir-ITC) I picked up a “regular” real camera and found a leak in the ceiling 25’ up (HVAC). I picked up a Flir One and couldn’t find the same leak I know was there. The Flir Sales Person didn’t have much to say, other than “Why are you looking at a Flir One, you know what you need to do that?”

ITC was giving away Flir One’s like cupcakes. Someone in my class asked me about an application, holding his free Flir One in hand. When I was done, one of the top dogs from Flir Canada butted in and told him not to try it with “that” camera.

Read the Ad’s. It says “Personal IR Camera”.
You have no intention of using it personally. Before you gt all puffed up at people here trying to help you from causing a big mess, try listening to them without talking for a moment.

You create an interesting conundrum for yourself. You want first hand feedback from people who actually use the device that you are considering professionally. I assume that you also want that feedback to be from people who know what they are doing when they operate a thermal imager.

The problem is that none of the people here who are professional thermographers (i.e., those who know what they are doing when operating a thermal imager) will use that device in a professional setting.

So you will need to settle for advice from one or the other: A). People who use the device in a professional setting OR B). Professional thermographers who know what they are doing. It’s unlikely that you are going to find both criteria in the same individual.

I don’t give shiit how much you pay for your tools.

You tell me to read the ads, I’m asking you to read my question. Again, I’m not asking about the Flir One. I’m asking about the Flir One PRO. It has twice the resolution as the flir one with a few other features not found on the Flir One. I’m sure that the Flir one would not be suitable.

$ 250 and you need to ask?
You already know the self important will po po on it.

Just get it… No mortgage needed.

Might go C2 for whip it out speed however.

So what’s the protocol for finding and reporting wet footprints on a shower mat? Glad to have a representative from category A as a counterbalance to the folks who know what they’re talking about.

I asked for feedback on any reason why I shouldn’t use the Flir One Pro.
My first answer I got was "who certified you? - not an answer.
My second answer was “search the forum” - not an answer (impossible)
My 3rd answer was “you’d look silly with a small hammer” - not an answer
My 4th answer was “If you’re going to be a Thermographer, make sure you have the right equipment” - not an answer but it sure is exactly why I’m here asking questions.
My 5th answer was “the Flir One sucks”, and told me to read the ad - not an answer, (I stated that I was looking at the Flir One PRO) and I’d already supplied a link that compared the two earlier in the thread.
And now you infer that people that have actually used the Flir One Pro and professionals are mutually exclusive. and you don’t give a shiite.
-which is not an answer either -

So, short of someone who has tried out the Flir One Pro speaking up soon, I’ll just rely on answers that I’ve received outside of this forum to people that have tried the Flir One Pro and think it’s a pretty decent and advanced piece of equipment, and I’ll report back to the forum on it. It may be a while :wink: