Flir MR 160

Anyone tried one of these? Looking for a moisture meter but would be nice to have the thermal integrated.
Any thoughts? Yay? Nay?

The resolution of the IR camerais way too low to find moisture issues in a reliable fashion.

Why is it nobody ever asks about the high dollar equipment? :-k

Just a gimmick. Take the money and buy a GE Protimeter. You won’t be disappointed in it like you would with that.

Thanks for the info guys!
I just received an email about it, no price. I didn’t realize that it was a low dollar item Jeffrey.

I have 3 protometers and I also bought that little tool that tells you if they are accurate. I also have a good IR camera. Use the protometers a lot.

$600 for the MR 160 seems like a lot of money considering you can’t use the IR for much.

Yet nobody has actually used one and until then it is all popo.

How good is the moisture meter?

A lot of people look at the specs on cameras, computers, smart phones, etc… and decide if it meets their needs without buying one first. It’s called wisdom.

Sounds like the protimeter is the one to go with. I will have to look for the proper IR camera next.

I’ve had protimeters, I prefer Delmhorst

OK so in your expert opinion on moisture meters …? How good is it ?

The novelty of this item is the IR camera part of the tool, which is very poor in resolution.

I have the Flir MR60 and am happy with it.
IR on on the Flir MR160 does not make much sense to me if you a IR camera.