FLIR MR176 anyone use this?

Anybody use one of these? Seems like a great tool to use being an all in one.

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I suspect some inspectors do. This is not cheap piece of building inspection equipment. Lists at over $1,300 dollars.

Looks can be deceiving. Like fishing equipment manufacturers.
The lure, packaging and marketing catch the fish/purchaser. Think of this. 10% of anglers catch 90% percent of the fish. Why? Because of that shiny new lure?
No good equipment, experience and expertise. This equipment would be akin to a fishing rod with built in sonar. Again. I have professional brand name fishing equipment, rods and reels, and professional brand name sonars.

I learned to detect damp or wet areas visually. A flashlight and using your memory from what you observed outside will direct you to a location. Paint shading, blistering around windows of exterior walls. Uneven lumping on walls. On ceilings under bathroom toilets.
Aim a flashlight lite almost perpendicular with the wall or ceiling assembly as best as you can. Look for imperfections. Taped joints will jump off the wall. The moisture meter does the rest.

I am afraid with equipment like this you will be chasing and measuring false positives more than not. That equates to: 1: Wasted time. 2: Nervous clients. 3: Worried defensive homeowners. 4, Brokers looking for professionals to work with.

Personally, I do not like double duty equipment. Moisture meters or IR.
Personally I have both. 2 Brand name moisture meters. 2 Brand name recognised thermal cameras.

Inspector Outlet: Tramex MEP (Moisture Encounter Plus) Moisture and Humidity Meter.
# FLIR E8XT Infrared Camera with Wifi
Spend 2 x the amount. Be set for several years. Look and be professional when you can afford it.