FLIR One Close Out

FLIR one infrared camera is closing out on eBay.

Get’em while you can. At $150.00 it’s a no brainier. Even if you don’t do IR stand alone inspections this is a must have tool for every home inspector and contractor. It only works with a 5s but don’t let that stop you… It’s worth the investment in a used phone to operate the camera. Pictures store in the phone along with the other general pictures of the inspection.

The resolution is very poor on these cameras. The fuzzy image is very bad. The lense is low quality. Even FLIR does not recommend them as a tool of measurement. You will miss half the defects you are looking for and not even know it.

Listen to our podcast on these issues and learn why these low grade cameras are a waste of money and end up exposing an inspector to liability issues.

Why are so many for sale, at such a cheap price, on ebay? People don’t want them. People with no training should not be recommending cameras that will harm the inspectors business. IR cameras are not for causal use when doing any type of building inspection.

They’re on sale because they are discontinued for the new C2 which is $700.00 and incorporates the identical camera without the need for a phone. Don’t know about you, well I do but these cameras do a fine job. I’ll post a few off my computer tonight because this damn phone app won’t let me post pictures off my iPhone…?


Sure looks like a working radiant hydronic floor register to me…
Second one is of course a Gibson Les Paul 1984 with authentic Tim Shaw PAF pickups based on well. my knowledge of Les Pauls and common sense about what I’m viewing through the lens of a IR camera.

In the real world of a building inspection we look for things such as hidden moisture. As the moisture spreads out and evaporates after several days, it gets harder and hard to pick up those sub-surface temperatures on the surface materials. Moisture areas can be conducive to mold, decay and wood destroying insects. Many times the hidden moisture temperature is very close to the dry area and not much energy reaches the surface for your camera to see. This is when a good quality IR camera is needed.

The worst IR camera on the market can take a photo a hot heater or guitar. It is the hard to find issues that we are worried about, not the obvious. Hype does nothing to change the facts that even FLIR will not endorse these cell phone IR cameras as tool of measurement or should be used by professional building inspectors. I have two written statements from FLIR regional sales rep who have stated that these low resolution cameras are not to be used for professional use.

Just the facts please.

Providing the residual moisture you are referring to hasn’t dried up before you get there. Really Jim this is so tiresome. I’m not a rep for Flir and don’t promote anything other than common sense. If you don’t think it has “any” value then carry on with this rhetoric. I personally don’t agree that no camera is better than my camera.
They all have a place in the inspection and construction industry. I don’t feel it’s necessary to spend thousands and then thousands more on non accredited training which I’ve never had s client ask for… Ever. I don’t represent what I’m not comfortable with. You shouldn’t either.

John no matter how much you try you can’t fix someone that is just stupid.

Only thing tiresome is you pushing the Flir One on here every couple of weeks. You’re certainly not a rep for Flir, because a rep for Flir would tell you it is NOT a professional infrared camera that should be used on home inspections that your clients are paying you their hard-earned money for. It’s a personal-use camera and for good reason. It has very low resolution. It does NOT have a place in the inspection industry. Your clients don’t ask for a better camera and better training because 1. they don’t know the difference, and 2. they have a reasonable expectation you’ll show up with the proper tools and training.

Awww don’t rag on him so much! I would expect he needs the imager to stop burning his hands when testing baseboard registers without it? :twisted:

When the delta-T environment is poor, it can make an entire set of steps disappear (see image). How much more a small spot of moisture that is half dry. The FLIR ONE can make you 50% blind and you will not even know it. My students can get training and a proper IR camera for less than $1900. A good IR camera will many times last for well over a decade of service, even if you drop it from 6 feet. I do not sell cameras find good deals for my students. (thanks to Will Decker for the IR image)

Even with a professional level IR camera, it can be a challenge to see hard to find defects that may be part of some hidden major issues. Training and a good IR camera are absolutely required. Toys are not going to work in the big boy world.

There are those of us who are unwilling or incapable of learning. They become certified dumbasses and go about trying to lure other dumbasses to join the dumbass club.

Does the club have a logo?

You guys are so narrow minded I’m surprised you don’t stumble over egos when you get out of bed in the morning. God forbid you leave your firearms around the house loaded as you are apt to shoot yourself in the foot as your keen perception of yourselves is indeed short sighted as well… Claiming others are idiots makes my point quite well. Who the hell cares what your opinions are of me. I certainly don’t. I also don’t take your propaganda any more seriously than your lack professional credentials that you apparently feel are worth more than you charge for. Get it?

Are you stalking me there Kenny…?
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“If you want to be successful in life and in business, you have to give up your story and change it to a different story.”

And these morsels of wisdom are your business and personal mantra…? I’m thinking this story has too many faces that are apt to change with the wind.
All this from a guy who doesn’t even have a Facebook page but apparently knows how to click a Google search for an individuals name, researching further and posting publicly in a derogatory manner. Right? Better watch your step there fella…

Your clients work hard for the money that they pay you with, and pay for the house with. If you’re charging a professional rate for your service and advertise as a certified professional, they have an expectation that you’ll bring to the job the proper professional training and proper professional tools. If you don’t, you’re doing a disservice to your client and the profession. The Flir One is simply not a professional thermal camera. The resolution is far too low. This isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. Get it?

Last time I checked: I completed my Certified IR training with InterNachi and currently up to date with my certified education requirements. That and twenty five (25) years as a licensed certified general building contractor in the state(s) of California and Florida. Are you suggesting McKennas “certified” training courses are any more or less legitimate than Nachi’s own training programs. If so, then your threshold for legitimacy is apparently the amount of money you have spent to achieve it, I will respectfully disagree.

As someone who is in the market to get one I agree. I think the investment of the higher end camera is worth it because I want to provide the best service for my client(s) and to not miss something that a better camera would have caught. My only grief is that they are soo damn expensive, they make the forbidden fruit (Flir One) very enticing.


McKenna is the instructor in the InterNACHI course, and he’s trying to set you straight in this thread (and others) about the deficiencies of the Flir One, and you’re saying he’s wrong.