Flir one and home depot

Any one try the camera and app?
Anything worth noting?|fbdpa|VL|Y|DTRH|MPA


Kind of a mild response tonight. Are you tired?

Could someone do a side by side picture comparison of a Flir one and a really good IR camera on a wall or ceiling in a regular home and show the difference instead of talking about it.

Yes, I agree, and I think we need more examples for this to see the difference between the two. Only one or two picture(s) cannot tell much

The problem is few people, if any have both.

I don’t know what counts as a really good infrared camera here, but you can reference this as an image from a professional class imager.

What… WAIT… where’s the lines outlining stuff to help me figure out what is what? How else will I be able to tell if the refrigerator/freezer is emitting any heat?

Sorry. No MSX, no Fusion or other gimmicks either.

Here are a couple different comparisons I took last year. Different houses. The reality is not many people will have the time or take to time to shoot comparative images. I’ve done 2-3 and it was proof enough for me to determine that those cheap “imagers” were not meant for professional use.

Just did a side by side comparison of the e6 and the FLIR ONE (both are 160x120).

The e6 produces a better image.

The FLIR ONE feels loose and the looks very non-professional.**

I’m a novice so just Flir One for now. It does have some limited uses.
Soon I’ll take John’s course when I am ready to afford a great camera.

I don’t advertise it, but it came in handy when the owner stated the flat roof leak was repaired 2 months ago.
It rained the day before & I scanned the area, told him it was still leaking.
This was a rear porch flat roof, the tongue & groove decking was painted white & looked fine by eye.

I some cases a low resolution camera will find defects. Sometimes not.

Nice find.

The gwb is most likely still wet from before the repair and his repair was ineffective.

John are you feeling OK? Lately you have been waffling from the FLIR ONE and CAT S60 is total junk to sometimes it is functional and sometimes not.

All low grade infrared cameras can sometimes find defects and sometimes not. Those with training understand that. Nothing new.

Images below shows how a low grade IR camera can see moisture in one area, but not in the other. A better IR camera is more dependable. The low grade IR camera took the photo on the far right. It can see moisture from one source, but not the other. If you miss some defects 50% of the time, it is not a good tool to say the least. Get some training.

(Thanks to William Wisegrades for the images)

So are you softening your stance that these imagers are not total junk?:roll:

If he were, would it matter?

“We can now all use this crap, cause John said so”?

In a couple of months I will be setting across the table in a court room again from some people that used a low end camera. So just keep buying that junk I luv court rooms:D:D:D

My statement…

ALL cheap IR cameras leave you blind at least 50% of the time. Nothing good can come of that. Is that clear enough for you?


Shame on you! The Godly IR Guru is speaking and everyone needs to heed his words! :roll: