FLIR B60 vs. E60

I am looking into buying a thermal imaging camera. This will be my first. I was leaning towards the FLIR B60, however after looking at the specs on the new E60 it appears to be a better camera for less money. Am I missing something here? Any advice from someone with more experience in thermal cameras than myself would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Try this link to the Snell Group, lots of IR brainiacs there

Thanks John. That site helps. Apparently the E series just came out
Feb. 1 so there is probably not a lot of info out there yet but it looks like the E60 will be the better deal.

You might be better served by looking at the FLIR E60bx camera which has better sensitivity than the E60 and incorporates several features designed for building application use. Details are forthcoming, so check every so often for more information.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

Thanks Gary, I didn’t know they made a bx. Can you or someone explain why there is a lower temperature range on the bx? The temperature range is the only diffrence between the E60 and the E60bx according to the specs. I understand the higher temps are not needed for building scieces but why would you not want a larger range if the price is the same? I assume there is a reason for narrowing the temp range but I can’t seem to get my head around the reasoning.

The bx offers higher sensitivity and greater alarm modes (insulation and dew point) while the standard E offers a higher temp range. Same price for either model allows customers to choose the feature set most appropriate for their use.

After looking at the E and BX I am not sure the B60 would be a good decision.

As far as the E vs the BX, I am not sure giving up potential future work in other IR avenues is a good choice for .005 thermal sensitivity. Long wave is a horrible means to do flat roof inspections (one of the higher demand building applications for thermal sensitivity) anyway. I would probably buy the E60 then rent a short wave camera FLIR for flat roofs. Then buy the short wave if the flat roof aspect of the business could justify the price.


Nice Top End Temperature on the E60 / Most home inspections have no use for this though.

Any thoughts on the E 40 ?

well I just got the bill for repair for my camera 800.00 lol i be waiting for a bit now

Just buy a new one money bags.

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