FLIR Sale !!!

I just bought a new/never used FLIR E8 from my local electrical supply house for $3,300. Awesome :mrgreen: So glad I waited until I could get the training and camera lined up close to the same time.

Is that a good camera for home inspections? Good/bad reviews?

I can not give you a real world experience, as I have not used an infrared camera, ever. I can tell you that after pondering and researching cameras, a lot of what seems to matter is resolution and this camera has very good resolution. Also after talking to the FLIR rep, he suggested this camera over a t series for ease of use on a home inspection. I was going to buy the T420 , which is a more expensive camera and he basically talked me out of it. My camera was $3,200, which is nearly $2,000 less than the price two months ago? I am signed up for Level 1 training in June and will not use it on inspection until I am trained up. I figure $3,200 is a nice tool to add to the toll bag, not excessive and I can always upgrade as my ability with the camera increases. And,of course I would not buy something, I did not have the cash for. Payment plans are for idiots. More than what you asked and less at the same time;-)

Hi Craig, thanks for the email, Sent one back. Still trying to figure best camera for a decent price that won’t break the bank.

Great camera for home inspections but limited.

9hz only and the software is not as developed as the EE and BX series.
I almost bought a hacked E8 for $1.600. They are all over eBay.
I worried about the updating and I also require 60hz.

I bought the T420, its awesome, and I don’t have upgrade. Trainings awesome.


I am selling my New FLIR i7.
It was only used a few times. It is still New.
It has the latest firmware, software, manuals, cables, charger and carry case.
I paid $1995.00. Asking $1599.00
Let me know if want to talk.


Sorry, mine’s better.:wink: