Flir E8, gently used - $1995

If you missed out on Amazon’s one-day sale, here’s your chance to get a Flir E8 thermal camera for a sweet price.

I bought this unit from a person in San Antonio whose intention was to use it to evaluate investment properties. He told me he had never used it enough to even go through one battery cycle, and its appearance bears that out. I would rate it at just below mint, since there are a few very minor scuffs on the instrument itself and superficial cleaning scratches on the screen. You have to look close to see these and will not notice them when using the unit.

I used it for about 2 months (maybe 35 inspections?) before buying the Flir E8 Wi-Fi new during Amazon’s big sale.

This is the non-Wi-Fi version, but I can say, having purchased the Wi-Fi version, you are not missing out. Using the Wi-Fi is as much or more hassle than just plugging the thing in via USB.

I have updated the firmware, which has produced a noticeable improvement in the image quality. It is every bit as good as my new unit in that regard.

It comes with everything that normally ships with this unit: Charger, two batteries, international adapters, etc. I have kept my old case and transferred everything to the case that came with my new E8, so the case is brand new, never been used.

I have attached a wrist lanyard to this unit which can be easily removed if you decide you don’t like it.

Price is $1995, firm. Buyer pay shipping and insurance. Specs can be view at this link. If you feel I have not described the unit accurately, original price and shipping costs will be refunded upon safe return of unit within 14 days of purchase.

I’m happy to answer questions, but please do refer to the link above for specifications and other generic information.

Can’t seem to edit this post (too old?), so here’s an update.

This item is no longer for sale. Experience has taught me I must have a backup, and I have decided there are no truly viable back-up cameras for several reasons:

The Flir One Pro and C-series devices do not have replaceable batteries. They do have a one and two-year warranty, respectively, but even Flir will not replace the batteries, only the unit. So, in effect you can pay $325 or $599 for a device that could become useless and un-repairable in a year or two.

You can find new E4’s for $1250 that have been hacked to perform like E8’s, but doing so voids the warranty.

You can buy an older E4 for as little as $550 and do the hack yourself, but that process is rather involved and not without risk.