Flir's NEW Line of Imagers

Flir, the Global leaded in Infrared cameras has introduced it’s new I-series of thermal imaging cameras. They now have a complimentary series to the B-line which are primarily for building diagnostics and home inspectors. The new I-series is geared toward the electrical environments and will find a niche between the popular I5 camera and the higher performance and higher priced T series. We carry most of the Flir line and can offer the best pricing, customer support, and technical expertise available. Visit our website and feel free to contact me for pricing and availability questions.

Rick Bridges
732-222-7077 ext 566

Hi Rick,

  Remember me , we spoke back in July a couple of times about trying to arrange a demo model of an I5 for the Infra Red training course in Toronto in August after I recieved your promotional e-mail. You said you would speak with  your suppliers and see what could be done and promised me an answer. I called you back at least 3 times and left detailed voice mails and you failed to respond to me, I understand if it couldn't be done but an answer would have been nice. Customer service is very important to INTERNACHI inspectors and I was just wondering what happened and why you never responded to me after we had spoken the initial 2 times.

Hey Jerry,
Thanks for taking my call today, and again I would like to publicly apologize for not returning your phone calls as you mentioned. Again, we did communicate a couple of times and I really believed that I had indicated to you in a previous conversation that we are restricted to the US market alone with imagers. “Sales 101” tells us that communicating with our customers and potential customers should always be priority #1. Again, accept my apology Jeff, and it was really great speaking with you again!

Rick Bridges
732-222-7077 ext 566

Rick, can a video camera or anyother type of recording device be attached to the new flir i60?
I am thinking about upgrading to another camera.
180x180 vs 120x120 is a big difference, but may not meet my needs in a year for transformers, substations, large office buildings, etc., etc.

Peter, you should consider more of a camera than the i60 for that work.

The price of the B360 just took a nose dive! 320x240; $9700
More bang for the buck there. And yes, video output to.

Or the E45 320x240. $7600

David’s post above is correct. If you want to get into commercial building applications you will need a minimum 320x240 resolution.


No problem Rick.