Thermal Imaging Cameras 21-22

Anyone have thoughts (silly, I know) on thermal imaging brands, models and advice. I am thinking about adding thermal imaging to my services and wanted to hear some feedback. I think the latest post about this was December of last year. Technology changes in the blink of an eye so I wanted to check in with inspectors who have used Flir and other brands with or without success. Also, what models do you recommend.

Many thanks

I loved my Flir B-400 with high temp option!

But the best advice is to take at least a Level I or Building Sciences class in person and you will then know what you want to do with your future purchase imager but many class have imagers that you can try out while there. At the very least gt a 320x240 pixel image, IMHO.

Hey Larry,

Thanks for the help.

I have completed one of InterNACHI’s infrared courses and will complete the second after that. I will also seek out in-person classes before offering any thermal imaging services.

Again I appreciate the feedback.

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I like my upgraded E4 (software hacked to be the equivalent of an E8). You can find them new on eBay. I started with a Flir One Pro and it was not reliable at all.

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the feedback.