Float switch on main condensate drain

I know that normally the float safety switch is installed on the secondary drain, This does not appear to be the correct location for installation which is on the main condensate line and is about 2 feet down from the pan.!

Not sure why the second picture did not upload

What would happen if the primary got clogged upstream of this switch?

Where is the unit installed?

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What unit are you referring to ?

Furnace with an AC coil pictured in your pics.

Unit is installed in the basement

Things would get wet.

Why would it stop up? It is upstream of the trap (Is there a trap OP?). And there is air blowing down the drain when running.

If it is not a finished basement where the unit is located (inside vs. a basement garage), a switch is not required.

I don’t think that’s a good thing.

Build up of slime over time, like this:

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Morning, Neil. Where is the furnace located?

No secondary drain line.

That is a Deferred Maintenance Issue not a drain design problem.

Can you explain why manufacturers include a secondary overflow drain port in addition to primary drain port?