floating ridge beam

What do you folks think of this floating ridge beam. 1 1/4 inch slope in 4 feet with a concrete tile roof.


Well, you do not to worry about a SNOW load!!

True but we do have to worry about hurricane force winds.


If in doubt, refer to a SE. I have never seen anything like that.

Hold old is the home?
Any blueprints available?
Off the top of my head without having any measurements, I question the span capability of what appears to be 2x6 rafters (and jack rafters spaced 24" o.c.), 2x8 hip rafter tied to possible a doubled 2x10 ridge beam… all on an appox. 5/12 pitch roof.

Are there any indications that the design is failing?


Do you mean that the floating section of ridge beam slopes 1 1/4" in 4 ft.?

No prints, the rafters are 4x8 and all the rafter connections to the beam have cracks in the paint and caulking.


Yes, I dont find that good of slope on drain piping.


Oh, that is a problem and should be referred out.

I’d recommend evaluation by a structural engineer. That looks to me like it could fail catastrophicly.

Obviously I referred out to an SE. Its one of those things where the more you look at it the worse it gets. Here (Hawaii) the roof to wall connections are critical due to the high winds we get sometimes but the amount of wieght from the tile roof on that section without support is mind boggling.

Thanks all.


Update: The SE looked at the beam, thought it was an unusual configuration and said “it has served its purpose for 20 years”. No mention of the 1 1/4 inch settling in 4 ft and no recommended repairs.


Tell them not to bump the center post when moving the sofa.

Was the SE the Realtors husband? This is a good example of why the phrase “Well, it passed the test of time” is BS! Hope you CYA in your report. The SE sure didn’t.

Actually the realtor was shocked and totally backs my opinion. The SE stated in his report “No attempt was made by engineer to measure or conduct any calibrated study to determine the adequacy or compliance of the referenced dwell structure”. So basically thanks for the check, see ya.