Column & wall

Arent the columns supposed to be in full contact with the floor?

Also it appeared that the contractors carelessly busted the block wall the install the vents.

Any comments on these items?


Yes, and they should also have a base plate.

Lousy block work and the poor guy did not have a diamond hole saw to make the hole and half the wall came down. ha. ha.

Looks like they built a room in the basement and the studs where installed to tight. Lifted the floor assemble and the post is no longer needed. I guess. ha. ha.

What beautiful work by a homeowner again.
Hope you wrote this up as necessary.


Looks like the single wall appliance pipe is too close to combustibles also unless that is a dryer vent. Then it shouldn’t have screws because they’ll catch lint.

Just a thought. :wink:

That is a screw column, so its not “floating” the screw and base are in the concrete, this installation is fine.


What was the giveaway? The welded base?


Yes, the welded bottom, and its a pretty typical installation around here, it prevents some one from easily taking it out or adjusting it. If it is installed with the screw up you are supposed to ruin the threads with a hammer or a weld to disable it that way. Also if the screw is exposed more that 4" you should call for an evaluation.



Thanks for the information.