Floor Concrete (sound barrier)

I inspected a condo where the builder claims concrete was installed on the floor between the upper and lower units for sound. I verified that there is a hard substance but it doesn’t look like traditional concrete. It’s smooth and grey in color, similar to the prducts used to fill cracks in concrete.

Doe anyone know what this product is called?

I think it’s called Gypcreet

Gypcrete is a lightweight concrete that is applied as a slurry by hose.(therefore is self-leveling) In some cases, it’s used to cover radiant floor piping to provide a base for the finish flooring and as well to spread the heat out due to conduction

Hi Kevin,

James is on the right track, gypcrete is actually a brand name that has become somewhat generic, the question here is what is the structure of the building? if it is poured in place concrete then you are probably looking at a leveling finish, if however the structure is steel or timber framed then it is more likely a lightweight concrete product.

Here’s a good link for lightweight concretes



Thank you for the information.

Kevin Goff