Floor drain

How can I tell if a floor drain has a check valve to stop water from backing up in case of a flood.

Thanks Roy Cooke

Roy…if you have a few days lead time before the inspection, just go crack open a few fire hydrants in the neighbourhood…and then just wait and see:shock: Sorry, I’m just in one of those moods.

Around here the newer homes have to install an “installation notice sticker” on the electrical panel. Otherwise, look for an access/inspection panel in the basement floor which is usually located close to the water line service, or where the main sewer line and main clean out enters the building. There is no test that I know of.

Thanks Darrell ,
Fire hydrants , wow what a great idea it been so cold have a great rink instantly.
I guess a TV camera would be the only way to confirm.

Is it Building code or town code in any areas yet

Thanks . Roy Cooke

You should be able to see it and manualy move it up and down if the trap is full. They are white when new.

In our area its just a local thing…only has to be done on walk-out basements so far.