What's this valve for?

Anyone see this valve before? It’s set in the slab about 10 inches down. It’s about 8 inches in diameter. The writing on it was too rusted to make out. Just wondering what it does. This was towards the side of the house that faces the street, possibly something to do with sewer drain?? Water meter was on opposite side of house



Hard to tell or know Jeff.
Hey, there is no shame in reporting: “Recommend questioning the owners on the function of the identified floor valve”

I do it now and then (especially on really old homes) on items I just cant identify properly, etc.

P.S. Looks like old asbestos floor tiles too. :cool:

If the city sewer main backs up, they can turn that off to keep it coming in to the house and percolating up in the fixtures inside, particulary during floods and heavy rain. Doesn’t square with present codes, but popularly featured in mid-70’s homes in my area following hurricane Agnes of '72.

The particular valve in your picture appears to be either ES&Y or OS&Y gate valve.

lighten up so folks can actually see it.

Re-exposure of IMG_1081a.jpg

I want one! Brilliant idea!