Floor Valve?

See photo attached. Does anybody know what the purpose is for the valve sticking out of the floor? I have some guesses but would like to hear from others.


Ok, I’ll accept suggestions on getting a higher quality photo on here too.

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Flood control valve, if water starts coming in from street you close the valve.

i’m not following.

i admit that i’ve never seen something like this, so I’m just looking for education.

So this would be a combination floor drain and sump pit?

better picture please

Joe send me your email at scott@honesthomeinspections.com and I will forward you a good photo. Still trying to get a good photo on this post.

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I’m with Jeff.

Very common in Chicago for the street drains to back up and cause a nice fountain in the basement.

My bungalow basement had a lovely 3 foot fountain during major rainstorms.

Although, it’s usually solved by adding a one-way check valve.

I’m posting Scotts picture here for additional comment.

1086024 (Small).jpg