Floor drain

I inspected a brand new home that had a floor drain next to the furnace & the weird thing to me was that it did not look like a floor drain that is about 8" in diameter. It is about 3 or 4 " in diameter & absolutely no slope in the concrete floor around the hole. It is Pvc but don’t see a cleanout like you would on a normal floor drain. Am I to old or is this something new for floor drains.
The builder says he will direct all the drain lines directly into the pipe but when I inspected there was moisture traveling across the floor away from the pipe/floor drain??

Is it possible that the builder has simply put a fancy hole in the floor for the furnace/AC condensate drains. I don’t like them but in my area about 50% of the condensate drains discharge into the ground adjacent to the furnace.

Is there a code dimension of how far the floor drain should be below the main elevation of the concrete floor?