floor outlet

Should outlets found in the floor be protected with a GFCI? Or should it be removed?

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That floor receptacle is non-compliant.


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OK, Where are you guys coming up with all these non-compliant floor receptacles.

I tell ya, other than the ones I install obviously, I rarely see things like this in existing settings.

I have installed maybe 20 residential floor receptacles in my entire life. Mostly in great rooms, for lamps beside couches that are in the middle of the room. For commercial work, I know I’ve done in the hundreds, if not in the thousands. Commercial floor recs are generally tombstone style, though.

There were lots of receptacles installed face up in the floor, without a floor-rated cover during the 1920’s and 30’s. This was done because of the ease of doing so, rather than a true need for a receptacle in the floor. When encountered by the electrician, these are generally abandoned and a new receptacle is installed on the wall near where the floor receptacle was formerly located.

I seriously don’t see them that often (about 2-3 times a year). When I do, they are always home owner installed like the examples. It was just funny that I had one just a couple of weeks ago and this topic sprung up. Typically I find them in older, renovated homes. I think they install non-compliant receptacles since the compliant ones are around $60 smackers. :roll:

I install atleast (2) in every house I have wired since who knows when…using my TRUSTED RotoZip…WHAMO…no problemo…

Agreed…that picture posted is an improper installation of a floor outlet…wanna bet their is no SEPERATION either inside that box in the floor…:)( but I digress because thats too NEW codie information )

Oh No! Not another RotoZip geek?

I bet I am a bigger GEEK than you! I buy the 20 pack of Saber bits…two at a time! :mrgreen:

Man…I could NOT live without my ZIP…I can POP a hole in a nice finished hardwood floor in no time flat…:slight_smile:

Yeah…I run them puppies until they dont cut anymore…lol…Ever use a drywall bit on plaster Peter…watch that sucker MELT down to nothing in like 1 minute flat…:)…