"Standard" recptacle in floor

In a cabinet.

I’m recommending a receptacle approved for floor mount, but was curious if this could be an exception.


as it is inside a cabinet I’m not sure it could really count as a floor mount receptacle Rick…be interesting to see what one of the sparkies have to say

Not a sparkie, but I can see your point as dust and debris could still into the receptacle.

Client has two children and were talking about the storage space (previous owner obviously had AV equipment here) for games, toys etc.

Sure would hate to see one of them reaching in there with that outlet on a regular basis. :shock:

I am curious as to the sparky’s opinions too.

314.27© Floor Boxes. Boxes listed specifically for this application
shall be used for receptacles located in the floor.

Exception: Where the authority having jurisdiction judges
them free from likely exposure to physical damage, moisture,
and dirt, boxes located in elevated floors of show
windows and similar locations shall be permitted to be
other than those listed for floor applications. Receptacles
and covers shall be listed as an assembly for this type of

If the receptacles are in a cabinet then the NEC will not have a say on it. In your example, 314.27© does not apply…but I felt it would be nice to post it. Now, in your case I would examine it and see what it looks like. If it looks clean and clear I probably would not say anything about it.

If you really want to protect a child from it, recommend tamper resistant devices and protect with GFCI otherwise you wanted an electricians take and you know we are going to stick to what the code says…which leaves you up to your own personal views and you are free to do that as HI’s.

P.S. You topic title is misleading…the receptacle is not actually IN the floor…lol