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Did an inspection on a raised home today. It was only the second raised home I have done and had a couple of questions that I hope someone could help me out with. The foor beams are sitting on 2x6’s that sit on top of piers. Several of the 2x6’s where simmed in what appears to be an attempt to level the foundation surface. This caused the 2x6’s to split. Beside the obvious issue of the crack boards, is it exceptable for the beams to sit on the 2x6’S?
Next question…I recorded a moisture reading of 25% on the floor sheathing at the underside of the home. I checked the floor joist in the same area and they were fine. The home is in southern Louisiana and it was a very humid day. I only recorded moisture readings this high at the rear section of the home near the opening of the crawlspace. There is no plumbing in this area. Could the high moisture levels be from the high humidity?

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Plywood normally will read just a little bit higher because moisture gets trapped between the plys, but it should not read that high. My first guess would be something from above is making the floor wet. According to the IICRC, wood moisture range should not be no higher than 16 percent.

Yes, I would call out the improper blocking.

The only reason that wood split is because some idiot put a wedge on one side of the blocking to pick up the slack.
Small jack, and replace the piece of wood with proper thickness.

Youy moisture problem, is it possible it is coming from the ground due to lack of moisture barrier?
I lightened up your photo, but still can’t tell if concrete slab or dirt floor.

Appears to be a vented crawlspace also, is it possible to much humidity from the outside, considering this is in louisiana.?

Chances are pretty good it’s from the very humid outdoor air entering. Is the vent on the prevailing wind side of the house?

The foundation is solid concrete slab covering the entire crawl space. The entire crawl space is open on all sides. The high moisture readings where located on the west side of the home which has a wood deck the same level as the home at this location. The deck is not in contact with the home. Thank you guys for all your help!

Is it accceptable for the beams to rest on wood blocks?

Yes, but the shims should have been on the top

I see the shim being to small and bad placement. . I would have raised the beam to allow for a larger block and wider shims if need.
Yes the shims on top. Home owner or handy man.