Moisture reading on a slab

I got this lady that called me with a a problem.
She and her husband are sick.
She has had a mold test
It should count was equal to the outside ( i didn’t do the test)
Hardwood moisture 17 to 18 %
Tile 22 %
Tile have cracked and been replaced and cracked again.
Efflorescent along the outside block.
Poor drainage around the outside.

I have refered to a foundation engineer . I am thinking a core drill may be needed to see if gravel and barrier had been used.
What do you think any thoughts

Hardwood is wet for sure. I don’t know how you got your tile reading.

What is the bottom of the walls reading. I am guessing you got you tile reading by scanning. You can email the lab report at and I will look over it for you, just to make sure. Also knowing what chronic symptoms that are experiencing would be a great help.

Check your mail James

Thanks James for your time and call. It was greatly appreciated . Another fine example of Guys on here stepping up and helping other members.

I was glad to help. If anybody needs any free advice on mold, especially interpreting lab reports and conditions when an occupant is sick, feel free to contact me at .