Floor, Wall, and Ceiling Structures -- What Exactly Are They?

I’m a newly-licensed inspector in North Carolina. I’m still getting things ready to start doing inspections. I’m working on my checklist. The NC SOP requires the inspector to describe the type of floor structure, wall structure, and ceiling structure (among other things, which I understand well enough).

Despite the 120 hours of training I watched and the 80 hours of hands-on training, I’m not completely sure what those mean.

Would floor structure be slab / wood subfloor on floor joists / etc.? Does it include the floor covering, as in hardwood, ceramic tile, carpet, etc.?

Wall structure? Drywall over wood studs / lath and plaster / etc. or is this load bearing / partition / shear / panel / vaneered / etc.?

Ceiling structure? Drywall attached to rafter or trusses? This one baffles me the most!

These are really the only three things I’m not sure of. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Good question Jay!

Simply put, the structure is the “skeleton”, the covering is the “muscle” and “skin”. If you think of it this way, it may make more sense.

When I describe these things in my report, I do by describing materials and/or technique. Here are some examples:


Welcome to our forum, Jay!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

Thanks Larry. Looking forward to continuing to learn!

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It does help it make sense; thanks!

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Thanks Brian – that was helpful; appreciate it.

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