Flooring damage/discoloration

Hello everybody
I’m reaching out to former flooring installers or contractors as i noticed some damage on this floor.
The owner had it partially covered with a rug😔 but i noticed it and he said it can easily be buffed out.
Any advice will help?
I know we only have to report the defect and not how to fix it but I’d like to know for my own personal knowledge.

Looks like maybe they had the wrong type of rub pad on the hardwood flooring.
Need to stay away from vinyl and PVC backings and stay with 100% rubber or felt.

Thanks Marcel. Will a good floor polish remediate this?

Do you really want to tell your clients that polish will remediate that?


Thanks Marcel. Will a good floor polish remediate this?

Don’t think so and you might just want to recommend a flooring Contractor to repair as required.
Can’t tell if the wood is damaged from here.

No i am recommending a qualified floor technician to evaluate and estimate repair costs. They are making it seem like its minor/cosmetic stuff

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Good reporting, Michael. :smile:

Then they will have no problem taking care of the issue so it doesn’t become a negotiation item.


Clearly that would be the job of The Real Estate Agent…

I don’t think I would call that out…

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Neither would I.

IMO, I would not call it out. I look at it as a cosmetic issue.

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I would have, especially since I found what the owner was covering with a rug. Just a short blurb with a photo. Owner stated that it can be buffed out. Kept me out of court and the buyers were very appreciative.

Sometimes I could just tell that something was out of place… :smile:

You’re such an alarmist! because of you the house did not sell!

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We noted damage flooring under the rug at …; homeowner commented that damaged flooring could be easily buffed out.

so if it could be buffed out so easily You kinda have to wonder why they didn’t do that…

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Pre finished floors are not that easy to buff out and retouch. Especially not knowing the history of cleaning products and gulp evil floor polish could have been used. Also, never use anything with a rubber backer, only felt or recycled carpet products.

But I don’t think I’d call it out…

However, that looks like someone spilled a candle.