florida contractor and inspector

how many florida internachi members are also licensed contractors?

I’m in BC and I’m a contractor. I don’t remember on which site I saw that before but it was a large real estate firm that were saying on their home inspector page to not hire an inspector that is also a contractor. I guess the idea is they don’t want the contractor to use the inspections to get more work.

I would think that marketing wise, it sounds better to be a good inspector that is also an active builder compare to someone that isn’t. I do understand that construction doesn’t make a good inspector but for marketing, I think it makes sense to use it.

is licensing required in b.c? with classes and c.e?

Home Inspectors exist due to Contractors.

Think about it. How many defects (not material failures) do you find in a home, every home?

Now why would you think it was a good idea to advertise you are a contractor?

Yes, the general public DOES think like that.

Just sayin’.

Yes I would think it’s one of the hardest place in the world to become a home inspector including a minimum of 50 hours of real inspection field training.

I am.

   sorry, i meant contractor licensing and c.e

It has puzzled me why the state allows exterminators to offer “free” termite inspections.


Cause there is people out there that try to charge $1700 to replace a water heater that needs a new TPR valve or $638 for a new toilet when the old one needs a flapper.

What does that havta do with “free” termite inspections.

Well it was a “free” estimate all that needs done is a TPR valve replaced and the toilet valve replaced and the are trying to stiff my Mom $2400.

Well! the estimate was free.
Get another estimate.

I am.

Most new InterNACHI members come out of the trades.

I believe its a mandatory requirement to be a good inspector.
Yes you can gain the knowledge, but as always, there is no substitute for experience! I’ve been a state licensed building contractor in both Florida and California. I don’t carry liability or errors and omissions insurance.
I overstate everything and anything that could be of consequence to my client.
That, as well as a good inspection agreement!

I am a GC and State Inspector as well as HI

The ‘root’ cause of the term “Conspector”!

I am and have been for many years