Florida dumps live field-based component to pre-licensing and goes all out InterNACHI

Just days after the DBPR awarded approval of InterNACHI’s proctored exam for pre-licensing in Florida, the state of Florida dumped its live, field-based component in favor of online training.

See #3 of http://www.myfloridalicense.com/DBPR/PRO/HOMEIN/INDEX.HTML

Go InterNACHI!

You think dumping the on-site inspection section of the course was a good idea?

I’m not thrilled about it, but governments are interested in protecting consumers, so I can see why they want to push everyone over to InterNACHI’s online video courses: Classroom inspection courses harm consumers.

Good job!..again!

Nick, Nick, you are not the only one out there giving the course. Miami Dade College, The Inspection Academy, Gold Coast, Vector, AHIT, and more all give the course. Some are classroom courses and some are online. The dumbest thing they ever did was eliminate the field classes. Your ego is WAY too big

Uh no. None of those course providers throw in www.nachi.org/benefits.htm with their courses and all of them charge more than InterNACHI.

I suppose they are free to operate their used car lot and offer old Volkswagens for sale at $100,000.00 each… smack next to InterNACHI’s new car dealership that sells Mercedes and Porsches for $499 if they want to.

So what your are saying is that Cheaper is Better?

No, “cheap” is a word used to describe quality level, not price.

Value proposition (which InterNACHI is the worldwide King of) is a ratio that has price as its denominator. As that denominator approaches zero (free), the fraction (value proposition) approaches infinity.

In English… it is tough to compete with InterNACHI because the value proposition in anything we offer is so astronomically high in comparison to our our competitors. Our denominators are typically zero or close to it and our numerators are constantly getting larger.

Take this as a local example: We’ve only had DBPR approval to offer InterNACHI’s pre-licensing exam in Florida for a few weeks… and we’ve already all but wiped out use of the goofy, expensive NHIE in FL. It’s a common theme in our industry, wherever/whenever InterNACHI enters a particular market.

I agree that InterNACHI offers a great deal of product but to comment that all others are “use car lots” is a bit out of prospective. It’s one thing to have pride in your organization but something else to think you are the only one on top. I belive that your/our organization offers a great deal when used in tandum with other venues. Eliminating the on-site portion is not a wise move by the state and may only enhance the untrained at the publics expense.

“No, “cheap” is a word used to describe quality level, not price.” And what type of inspectors do you think you are flooding the market with. They will have no practical training. So I guess, according to you they will offer ‘cheap’ inspection. What a great way to promote our industry

No, quite the reverse. YOUR state dropped the field-based component precisely because our training is much better for both inspectors and consumers. You simply can’t learn this business watching someone pretend to be a home inspector, pointing out 10 defects, or someone telling war stories in front of a chalkboard until it’s time for a bathroom/cigarette break. It’s simply impossible. The only way to learn to do a proper home inspections is by taking multiple robust courses that contain actual examples of thousands of real-life defects displayed online, with online video, and with downloadable course material, explained by multiple instructors, thoroughly researched, constantly updated by subject matter experts, and that you can take when you want, as often as you want, repeating when you want, over and over, at your own unique pace, and without the financial disincentives of having to take off work, travel, or pay tuition. Hence: www.nachi.org/education.htm and YOUR state’s wise shift toward it.