Florida Gov. Rick Scott, others were told about controversial insurance deal

TALLAHASSEE — Florida Gov. Rick Scott — and other top state officials — quickly distanced themselves last month from a controversial deal approved by Citizens Property Insurance Corp. to shift thousands of homeowner policies to a start-up insurance company.

This insurance stuff sure is lucrative for the few while the Masses gets pounded. Forget about the Governor, we have to go after the local politicians who condone this activity.

Just or fun…

The whole country is corrupt…

Ha. Good Ole Bank of America. I took all my business from them once the shenanigans them and all the other big banks pulled got out in the open. I have everything with a small local 4 branch community bank. The technology and convenience isn’t as nice, but at least I know I’m not supporting white collar crime.

all about risk as they say…

Now flood insurance needs a bigger set of boobs… Particularly Pinellas County.


Also, here is an interview with the Chairman of Citizens Board and others about the deal…

…and, not related to the deal but some might find interesting, there is a brief discussion about the reinspection program on Video #1 between 11:20 and 13:00.

Ol BoA ,it can be tempting to keep banking with the big giant but I’m looking into a small bank myself …less fees, etc.
The Insurance industry and the banking industry…forget about what they are doing illegaly, what they are allowed to do legally is sad.

Corporate America has their hand out!! They want it ALL.

What is left for them to steal…err take?