Hold All Bets

This guy is capable of anything! :roll:

Florida Governor Rick Scott considers closing Citizens](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsHYyDpOAz0&feature=player_embedded)

Rick Scott wants to kill Citizens Insurance altogether

I’ve got really mixed emotions about this.

woooo hooo and I did not even read the article :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you read it and watch the video.

Many of you don’t know about Mr. Scott. He is a criminal, swindler, and is now paying back all of those promises he made to get elected. Unfortunately, it will have disastrous effects on the citizens of this Sate.

If Citizens is eliminated, insurance companies from other states will be writing policies and not governed by Fl. law.
As Always, I have the simple solution.:mrgreen: If you want to write any type of insurance in this State, you must write all of it. Homeowners, Auto, etc.

The larger insurances companies, State Farm in particular, collected plenty of premiums and then, stopped writing after Wilma, to cut their losses. They also paid out a lot less in damages than it cost people to repair their homes, then dropped them.

If any of you really believe that they will eliminate the largest writer of home owners insurance in the state, then you have another thought coming and that may have to be get out of the business. There are not enough admitted carriers that are willing to write homeowners insurance already and to tell the majors that they have to write in the High Velocity Wind Zone, you may as well just tell people that they won’t have insurance.

Watch what happens and the amount of time it is going to take, and he will be out of office before it all begins.

There will be plenty of insurers who will write insurance. The question is, will anyone be able to afford it. If you do not have insurance, per your mortgage agreement, they have the right to force place you, at a much higher rate. Let the foreclosure cycle begin all over again.

Citizens has already started sending some of their customers to other companies. They gave me that option last year. I declined.

The State CANNOT do away with Citizens UNLESS they first clean up the mess that they created in the first place - The regulators created one big cluster F#@$ years ago in the Florida Insurance market ---- And that is the reason Citizens was created in the first place. Its a bandaide that can’t be removed until the wound is healed — Good luck with that Scott — IT WILL NOT HAPPEN

Did you see how much Scott spent on his campaign? He has to pay someone back!
And, if you work at FAU, you may want to update your resume’…just something a little birdie told me!
This guy is going to ruin everything he touches.
Looking back on it, Christ wasn’t so bad after all!

Florida Atlantic University ???
or something else

But “He’s a GOOD BOY” Yeah right.

The one and the same.

Never say ‘CANT’

Citizens was originally designed to be only the insurer of last resort, supposedly for older properties that were too high risk for the other insurance companies. Then the insurance companies got the idea that if they thought a home was too high of a risk, they could send it to Citizens. Seems that any home in my area built prior to 1988 is considered too high a risk and is sent to Citizens. Citizens was a poorly conceived idea in the first place.

Citizens needs to be returned to it’s original intent, or closed altogether.

I have heard the idea of only letting insurance companies write auto/boat/etc. if they write homeowners for quite some time, however it may push some to leave the state altogether leaving fewer choices.

It’s also very interesting that no matter who you go to for an insurance quote, the rates are within a couple of percent. Doesn’t sound much like market competition.:frowning: