Florida Licensing and Insurance issues

New inspector here (or trying to be.) Getting licensed in Florida seems to require 300k in general liability insurance and since I am a new inspector, I have never inspected a house before, so getting that insurance seems prohibitively expensive. What should I do? Anyone know a good insurance agent that helped them resolve this issue?

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It doesn’t cost very much.
I use Auto-Owners.

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Check out the insurance that is offered thru internachi. Way easier to get for a new inspector and half the price that I was quoted from State Farm.

I did, they quoted me at $2000.00

I was quoted 950. for E&O and Liability insurance from interNACHI for a yearly rate.

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try NEXT insurance co.

And, if you are not satisfied, try the next one. LOL!

I am a new inspector looking for insurance. Checked with Elite through Internachi. $300,000/$300,000 $2500 deductable with a page of exclusions and it was $2K also. I’m ready to start, but gotta find something better.

Try these.

I have Auto Owners. $400 a year.

That is for General Liability only, correct Eric?

That is what is required.