Liability Insurance for Central Florida/Tampa

Hello Gents and Ladies,
I’m in the home stretch of getting my license and I need a couple more quotes before I decide on liability insurance. I have a quote from “biBERK” and I’m looking for at least two more unless there’s one InterNACHI endorses.

Does anyone have any recommendations for the central Florida area?
(I was told I created this post in the wrong area, so forgive me if you see it twice)

William Shuert

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InterNACHI has in-house insurance for members.

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General Liability is cheap… $560 for $2mil coverage… call CHUBB 866-972-2727. The big cost if you take it is E&O! Shop around for that!

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I’m in Tampa. After shopping around for a while and getting several quotes the best I found as far as coverage/deductible/and price was with OREP.

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Thank you Robert I’ll get a quote.

Thanks Leif, I got a quote from them.

Thank you Yacdiel, I’ll get a quote.

And they quoted you…?