Florida Man Dies in Explosion

Be careful out there.
You never know when you’ll come across a dangerous situation like this.

Must be a neighbor of Roy’s.
There will be an attorney that will take the case???

They found her laying naked on the front yard laughing.
Now she’s gonna sue Chipolte because their peppers cause a high rate of methane in human farts!
I’ll stick to BBQ beans…

Why is it always Florida?:roll:

That little honey is back in the dating pool, all of you single Floridians.

I’ll be lookin’ around!



Some people believe everything they see on the internet…

Zuckenburg will be sending you a unicorn and a million bucks at midnight…

Where do you find this Snopes source?

The same place I found the original article…which is making the rounds on FB now.

That damn Florida man always up to something


If it’s on Facebook, it’s gotta be for real.
I figured all you have in Florida is walking dead people, either meth heads or old and senile.

You figgered wrong…:mrgreen:

No, I’m right.