Florida Ride Along

I’m located here in South Florida

I wanted to reach out to my fellow HI’s in the area and see if anyone would be willing to have me ride along with them for a day or two. I would prefer it be somebody using HIP. I will travel to you so that you are not training your competition -

I would greatly appreciate any help I can get, Thanks!


You are probably not going to find someone in their area that is willing to train their competition. You need to look outside your area.

You are right John -

I will travel to meet up with somebody that is willing to have me ride along for a couple days -

Call me in the morning from 9:00 - 11:30 AM.
I may have the time & enough inspections to have you come along next week sometime for a few.
I do not use HIP, you can use it yourself to gain some time on the system though.
Always glad to help out a fellow INachi guy. :slight_smile:

Great offer Marc. Jared seems like a nice guy :slight_smile:

Marc’s a great guy. Take him up on the offer. I heard he’s inspecting a bowling alley next week! :slight_smile:



Thanks for the offer I will defiantly give you a call to see if we can work out a time - I will be in Naples all next week though.