Florida Wind Mit Roof to Wall Connection

Just did a wind mit yesterday and came across a strange setup for the roof to wall connection/clips. In the pictures you will see plywood and lag bolts connecting the outer wall of the gable roof. Everywhere else in the attic has clips. The seller released their mitigation report and the last inspector has it written up as qualifying for a credit. Basically do all of the metal clips count for a insurance credit even if the outer wall connection is plywood and lag bolts? See pictures.

All the Roof-To-Wall connections are at the “outer wall”. You need to move that insulation and see what method of attachment is holding the truss to the wall.

Is it wood frame or CMU? The screen shot in your post (I assume the old report) shows what looks like a mid-wall span clip, not an exterior wall.

The form wants the weakest form of attachment, so if you have all those trusses with no visible attachment, then make the necessary choice on the form.

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I understand. And no there is no metal clip/strap on the truss. It is just the two planks of plywood with the lag bolt. with insulation pulled back there is no metal clip/ strap applied. So its just toenail.

If you can’t see the toe nails (and I can’t see them in those pictures), I would consider “G, Unknown or unidentified”, and let the underwriter sort it out.

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got ya! And its wood frame

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Those would be hex bolts