Wind mit clip picture

I am curious how others go about taking pictures of clips for the wind mit, the form asks if the clip is attached to the wall top plate, every picture or sample report I have seen online has no picture or verification that in fact the clip is attached or nailed to the wall top portion, just the nailing to the truss/rafter section. So how are others confirming that in fact it is attached properly.

The wall attachment is assumed and not needed to be verified,. The only thing that would be verified is the space between the strap and the truss as less than 1/2" and the connection on the truss/rafter.

Ok I just wanted to make sure. Thank you.

Thats a new one :slight_smile: The form allows us to assume now or is that just what some teacher wrote.

I do however agree that is how most do it.

I take a picture of what is visible.

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Not new, always been that way. I believe the verbiage was written by one of the governmental bodies, but I don’t remember which. How are you going to verify the wall connection anyway on a finished home?

So if the connection is implied, do you still select the box to verify it’s connected? Or leave it blank.

Ya better click that box and perjure yourself if you want the client to get the discount. We are the scapegoats “SURPRISE”…

Only the connection on the WALL is assumed to be completed (standard clips). The form only deals with the fastening of the TRUSS/RAFTER. The exception for this would be the Sanibel type double wrap which specifically states the end of the straps must be fastened by at least 3 nails PER SIDE on the WALL. This is also assumed by most inspectors if covered by interior finishes, but seems to be a grey area by many underwriters.

It says
Secured to truss with 3 nails.
Attached to wall top plate or embedded.
So the form wants you to select and confirm it.

If you are going to take the form literally, you might want to stock up on Advil…or something stronger!


House was built in 1982 and the roof was permitted and installed last year. What do you mark on the form if you cannot find any “shiners”?

Is this really that hard to understand? The attachment to the wall plate or face of wall is to be assumed if not visible. The embedment of a strap is visible and verified with the photo of the metal connector.