Flue Connection

Hi everyone!

What do you think about this flue connection. Furnace is on the bottom. Does it need any “silver” HVAC tape around it? For some reason I got suspicious. Thanks!

No but it needs to have a metal vent collar where it goes through the sheetrock and 1" from combustibles.

If it’s a Type-B vent which it looks like anyway.


This link might help a little.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

I knew something was wrong with it. But I think I had my brain frozen or something (it’s 8 degrees outside). I appreciate your input!

If that happened to be a flue pipe from an oil furnace/boiler in Canada, the unshielded clearance to combustibles would be 9"!! For a wood fired heating appliance, the unshielded clearance to combustibles for single wall flue pipe is 18"!!!

Hi Brian
This looks like a B-vent so 1" clearance would apply up here.