Flue pipe leaking water?

I inspected a high efficiency gas furnace yesterday and there was a small amount of water leaking from the referenced furnace flue cap. I don’t see many gas furnaces in my area. I know the unit will produce some condensation and I’m assuming this is normal other than just a failed seal at the cap.

Am I correct on this or should I recommend something else?

not rocket science
have a competent contractor locate the leak source & remedy as needed


It is just part of the condensate drain for the flue pipe. If it’s leaking recommend repair. If you need more specific answers be more specific with the manufactures name and model number.


They will put off a lot of condensate (water) and looks like it is draining as it should out the clear plastic line at the side. I’m guessing it is just a simple cap at the bottom of that sump that is leaking.

These (Sumps/ Traps) are used to remove or collect the corrosive elements from the condensate as I understand it. I’m guessing on this model the cap can be removed periodically to drain the corrosive elements and it (the pvc cap) just happens to be loose or not sealing.

I don’t see those sumps used on the units where I am. Might be a jurisdictional code thing or regional thing depending on the impurities in the NG supply that would dictate when they are used or needed


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