HVAC / Water Heater Flue

I did an inspection today and saw a few things i would like to ask how to report on and what me be the problem.
It is a Natural Gas funace, with Natural gas water heater. It has a condensation pump that i never hear turn off and i followed the drain that went up and over and then down and the line looked plugged near the over before down. The Water heater has a lot of rust / corrosion below and around the flue draft hood. The water heater had water below the TPR drain on the floor. This place just had the furnace and water turned off. It was a Repo and bank owned.
THe water heater and furnace is a RHEEM.
Water Heater Ser#0890217467
Furnace Ser #FD5D302F380006272

Buikema 125 (Small).jpg

Buikema 096 (Small).jpg

Buikema 100 (Small).jpg

Here is a pic of the chimey vent (s)? I viewed some humps of ice build up on the chimney from the vents i believe. Is this OK. I am in Michigan.

Buikema 027 (Small).jpg

Hi Andy

I would write myself out of the the water heater all together. It’s 17 yrs old, tpr valve no good, rusting, etc. The problem appears to be the way the flues are tied together. I would suspect improper venting causing the rusting and a possible CO issue (I would like to see a better manifold set-up). I would call out for further e-val by hvac tech. Can’t tell what that white stuff is inside the furnace. But keep in mind that I new to this businees.



Looks like you found a boat load a problems…

Lets see… The Breech is not sealed. The Flue from the water heater at draft hood give me an indication of improper draw…Too rusty. Dissimilar piping materials at connection without isolation fitting (left pipe) in (left picture of water heater…) Can’t tell to much from your picture of slope of flues
The FAU looks like a cat1 Fan assisted vent FAU unit that needs cleaning… Dirty The clue about the condensate pump always running could be why the daft hood over the water heater is excessively rusted But here maybe a strange part since this looks like a cat 1 FAU… Usually no condensate pumps around here … A lot of moisture present BUT I would like to know what the tag on the FAU states in terms of Category? Do you have a picture of the whole combination of appliances and flues going to the chimney? .

Can’t mix category of appliances Cat 1 cat 2 OK but no Cat 1 and Cat 4 deals. Cat 4 FAU have the condensate pumps… I wonder what this system setup is like…:smiley:

Pat or whomever
IF your talking about the breech area where it enters the Chimeny, that is a black sealant type caulk. It is sealed. What is all that Cat talk? I am guessing catagory talk. I guess i don’t know a lot of that. Teach me man. I do not have a pic of the whole units. The slope was good.
I will basically say the Water Heater is shot and the HVAC, i will recommend a Licensed HVAC to review Flue(s) of both HVAC and water heater combo and the condensate pump issues. Keep it simple. What do you think?

Hey Andy,

Check out link: http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1738

Go to the GAMA site. Download the flashplayer file(s) (zipped) in the center of the page. Unzip’em and watch these guys (the one for inspectors). This is super helpful understanding gas burning appliances and venting. :smiley:

In real general terms:
Cat (short) for Category of gas burning appliances. There are 4 different types with respect to negative or positive pressure ,flue and methods of “exhaust” of products of combustion / combustion air.