Flue vent passing through bedroom closet

Gas fired appliances should not be located in a bedroom closet, but what about the flue? It makes sense that it shouldn’t be there, but I cannot find a reference about the flue passing the bedroom closet.

I have run into that once before (many years ago). I wrote it up because there was no way to keep flammables (clothing) a safe distance from the flue. If I recall, the only thing I found regarding this was a chase with proper clearance should be constructed around the flue.


We come across this occasionally and we do call it out. Being in an accessible closet, there is a burn risk when the appliance is running, we warn about placing further combustibles in the closet like clothes and include the future potential for possible CO leaks when placed in a bedroom. On our reports we label this a safety consideration for either blocking around the flue or repurposing the room/closet.

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The connector and vent are part of the appliance, required for its proper operation, and must be listed and labeled to function with that appliance. There is no real difference between it and the actual appliance itself with regards to locations.

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Thank you for the response. I did just that… I recommended either installing a false ceiling or repurposing the room.

That was my thought process as well. Thank you for affirming that.

I have come across this on a couple occasions myself. New system was installed. I would also include a comment in my report as others have mentioned above.

“At time of the inspection there was an exhaust flue passing through the bedroom closet. There is a concern with the proper clearance needed from combustible materials and from possible leakage of toxic exhaust fumes into the living space. A corrective solution may include enclosing the exhaust flue(s) with a chase to separate the exhaust flue(s) from the closet. This inspector recommends further evaluation from a qualified licensed contractor and for any corrective repairs that may be necessary for health and safety concerns in accordance with current standard requirements.”

I most commonly see it in older homes where the furnace/water heater are in the basement and the flue goes up through the corner of a closet above. I’ve seen city inspectors sign off on a replaced furnace without requiring a change in the flue, but I agree with the comments here.