Flue through bedroom closet

Anyone have any info on a flue running through a bedroom closet? This is a open stove with a metal flue ( see attached photos). Of course I recommended an evaluation by a chimney specialist as the flue has severe rust near the unit.




Hi to all,

Bob, I would have written it up also due to potential clearance to combustibles issues, I would expect it to be in a chase.



In our area… that flue is definitely required to be in an enclosed chase with proper clearance from combustibles.


yup here too. recommend boxing it in and drywalling it.

Thanks guys, Just wanted other opinions. One lawsuit in this area is enough.

that flue looks like it violates all the building codes/mechanical codes

How so?

The stove:
(1) I have a concern about heat radiating to the rear wall. Is it a stick built wood wall covered by drywall? If it is a certified unit, the clearances to combustibles should be on the label. If not certified, there may be problems getting insurance. If insurance is not a problem, the required clearances for uncertified stoves are 48" in Canada and may be only 36" in the US. See:
(2) Is it approved for the floor ember shield it sits on? Or does it need more floor protection from radiation from the bottom of the stove?

The fluepipe:
(1) The rear exit flue pipe is another concern. It appears to be a single wall flue pipe. It’s required distance to combustibles is 18"
(2) There should be 3 equally spaced sheet metal screws fastening joints in the pipe and securing it to the stove and chimney.

The chimney:
(1) Is it approved for wood burning appliances?
(2) It should be boxed in to prevent physical damage and for personal burn safety also as the surfaces at the joints will get very hot.
(3) Clearance to combustibles for insulated chimneys is usually 2".
(4) Is there a firestop at the floor and ceiling pass through areas?
(5) If it passes through an insulated attic, is there a pre-manufactured attic insulation stop installed to prevent insulation from touching the surfaces and holding the heat in, causing very high temps.
(6) Has the house air barrier system been compromised by the installation. In Canada, certified technicians have been taught to re-seal the air barrier system fat the chimney for energy conservation purposes.