FLUKE TiR For Sale

I’m selling a Fluke TiR. Bought it in late March 2008. Took delivery 1st part of April. Has a 2 year warranty - So 1 yr & 3 mnths left.

Other than trying it out in my house, I did not use it at all until midway through September. I’ve taken it on 4 inspections.

Works great, but I don’t feel I’ve got the time or energy to start a new market for this service.

Has full Fluke kit with it (software, hard case, soft case, charger, 2mb SD card and card reader, etc)

If interested Email me at: dl_rambo@hotmail.com
OR call (816) 455-8787

Hi Dan,

I’m sorry to hear that IR is not going to work for you. I’m continuously getting calls for this service.

You should reconsider.

Try advertising your camera sale here…

Several of us here are trying real hard to change the home inspection paradigme. Why don’t you join us and not try to go it alone?

Hi Dan
I was encouraged my my local DOE yesterday and joined our local REPA program which is a program designed just for people in the energy evaluation field

Good thoughts BUT I plan on selling the TiR to someone for a reasonable price - Under $3,900

Bad link

Works just fine here Robert.


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Hey Rambo, I mean Dan,

Please keep us updated on this sale. I’m curious which site works best.