Fluke TiR1 for sale

I have a Fluke TiR1 that is excess to my business needs.

Just over a year old. Never been dropped and works as it should. This is the one that lets you record an audio with each thermogram.

Hard Case, soft case, charger, carrying strap, etc.

List I believe they are close to 7K. If you’re interested give me a call and we can talk price. I want to move this quick so all serious offers encouraged. I’m thinking 4500 is fair price but willing to consider offer.


Don Belmont

Wish, I knew I could expand my business with it.

Don, could you e-mail my wife with a few more details like how much it was used, accessories etc? amerispecmarketing@rushmore.com thanks. Are the ski slopes still open up there? This is the last weekend for us.

I will do that. Though I’m at a loss how to describe amount of use. They don’t have an hour meter. But I’ll do what I can in the AM.

$4500 is a STEAL for that camera – providing it’s in good working order. We just consigned a TiR1 for a customer of ours. One year old, just like Don’s. We sold it within 2 days of receiving it for $5080.

I’d hurry on this one.

The camera is in good working order. As I mentioned it has never been dropped and all the controls operate as designed. It has given me excellent and trouble free service. You can check out some pics I took this morning of the camera. I tried taking pics of the camera in operation but they aren’t especially useful.

To update the package.

The TiR1 camera
The carrying cases both hard and soft
The card reader with usb cable
2 GB memory card
Software CD (But you’ll end up downloading the most recent I would suspect)
Battery charger (after market). The original charger got left on a job and I needed one now. A bit of research lead me to an acceptable alternative (proper voltage and output) available at Radio Shack. I’ve been using that for 6 months with no issues

What is missing. I can’t find the book. I haven’t used it since I got the camera and now can’t lay my hands on it. But the manual is available for free download from Fluke so this isn’t a major issue.

If you want to read more specs on the camera check out Fluke website at http://us.fluke.com/fluke/usen/Thermal-Imaging/Fluke-TiR1.htm?PID=56192

One feature that has been a real benefit to me is the ability to record an audio for the shot. No need to try and remember what you thought about conditions. Just make a recording that you can listen to back in the office. Very helpful and a great feature of this camera.

I know that 4500 is a great price. My interest once having decided to sell the unit is to get the deal done. I’m not in the camera business and making the deal happen quickly is my goal. Hence a sharp price.

It’s sold. Thanks everyone.

Thanks Don - Great deal and it will make a great back up camera.