Fluke TIR

I want to sell my Fluke TIR camera. Sun shield included. 1 1/2 years old and looks as if it came out of the box new. I am upgrading to a new camera. $2500 or best offer.

I am looking at the TIR series.
TIR3 AND TIR4 in 2012.

Specs please.

Thank you.
Some one interest.

Go to the Fluke website.

I have been.

Well… you asked for specs. If they’re not on their website, you will need to contact them directly.

Jeffrey. Why are you interested?
Flike have 8 TIR plus models unless it the “TIR”
Thank you for you concern
Sorry Mr. Cole. I am going to go new.

You asked, I replied.

Camera was sold!

Happy for you Mr. Cole. Great news.:slight_smile:

I just purchased a new one today myself.
All the best.
Thanks for keeping us up to date.

All the best.