Fluke TiR1 For Sale

Got new Fluke Ti-32 / Selling TiR1 (about 2.5 - 3 yrs old / light useage).

Has case and everything it came with / Works good

$3,550 / In KC, MO

That’s a good Cam, Dan…as you know, they also hold their value much more than other brands.

I wish you did this ad 4 months ago.
All the best. Great IR camera.

Sold … Also getting ready to sell helpers Tir1

Will be asking $2,975 for it. Its 3 +/- years old

Has everything they came with to start.


Hey Dan, When that other Tir1 comes available let me know. Justin@fullloop.net. Thanks!

Mr. Ashley I remember when you became a member. Did you forget to renew your membership this year friend?
Give Nick a shout and have him straighten everything out.
All the best.

The TIR1 line is being phased out for the Ti - TIR 100 line.
All 120X160. New Ti or TIR 105 will get you the same with a 3 year warranty for $2,900 Think about what you need it for.Residential or Commercial.
The only IR that covers both is the TI100 model. Changed after I purchased it.
The TIR and 105 series were not out yet.
Not many bells and whistles and you can pick it up for $2,500 with the tax included. 160 X 120

Not meaning to say anything about you TIR Dan. Lots of software.

The CMX wireless is built into all the TI & TIR 100 series. That was the word when I talked to a Fluke Rep. The series was just being phased in. More to come from FLUKE.:slight_smile:
TI and TIR 100 series.

Robert, I had stepped out of inspections for another opportunity but it turned out to be a lot less of than an opportunity than one would think. :slight_smile: I always loved inspecting so I am back at it. :slight_smile:

Wishing you all the best Justin.