TiR1 for sale

This Fluke is in perfect condition. I am delighted with Fluke and this camera and I’m just upgrading to one with higher resolution moving into this winter season.

Comes with carrying case, softcase, AC charger, method to connect to the computer for downloads and the software disk.

This Fluke model has a voice annotation option so that you can dictate where and what the image is. GREAT CAMERA.

I’m upgrading to another Fluke.

The current price new on this TiR1 is 6995.00

The price on a TiR is 4,995

I’ve compared the 2 next to each other and the TiR1 image is far more useful for home inspections and energy auditing.

I’m asking 4,995 for this used camera. The software is easy to use to change images after you download them.

see my site at www.gotheatloss.com for images.