Thermal Decision

Looking for input from everyone to help make a decision on thermal imager. Looking at the Fluke TI 32 or TIR32. Also intertaining suggestions on comparable Flir cameras. I want a 320 x 240. Will be using the camera for home inspections, energy audits, identifiy above ground tank levels and mold inspections. I dont get to visit the site daily, so I will respond as soon as I return. Thanks ahead of time.

Dan Boyer

Watch this free webinar. Get some professional training.

Lots of views not many replies. You can send a private message as well. I know these fluke vs flir battles get deep.

Dan Boyer

Buy the most you can afford. Fluke Flir like Ford Chevy. Try them all and see what fits best for you.

Flir is a better company to work with IMHO. We had a lot of issues with Fluke’s management. The cameras aren’t that much different, but the companies are. It may be because Fluke sells all sorts of stuff, but Flir is basically a company dedicated to IR… I could be wrong.

Anyway, I wasn’t very happy with my past dealings with Fluke. They were in to me for so much money at one time (we had pre-paid for cameras and caught Fluke selling our cameras to other vendors that ordered after us), that I had someone track down Fluke’s President (a woman I believe) at her home (she wasn’t home) and asked her neighbor to have her call me. That was really the only way we could get our money returned or product shipped. What an ordeal :roll:.

Fluke: good products, sleazy company. That’s my personal opinion based on my experience.

I like the FLUKE because it will not break when you drop them… priceless.

FLUKE dealers
If you deal with a sales rep that take good care of you, then that makes
all the difference in the world. Our rep is open 7 days a week and offers
a loaner camera for those who need it.

FLUKE management
See Nick’s post above.

Can you upgrade a Fluke to the next Mdl. when you need more?

Several of us here upgraded our Flir cameras to higher model options as we found the need for more stuff with time.

You can even upgrade your Flir to link with the IPAD/Phone now for free, like the the new ones have. Get your camera calibrated and get an upgrade.

Oh yea, does anyone calibrate their camera?

Did you know that pixels degrade with time?
Calibration is not just to get the numbers right, they adjust the camera to correct for ageing.

I upgraded mine from a T300 to a T400 with ease. Whenever I drop my camera it doesn’t go far.:wink:

Sent my flir in took for ever to get it back and was expensive for minor repair and calibration . I have a Fluke now I have not dealt with them as of yet. I still have the Flir and the fluke

Mine took 4 days (+shipping).

Took longer to get it back from UPS…

If it took longer, I had several offers for a loaner camera (but I have another camera…).

Service is not cheap, but then neither is my Inspection Services…
If we made what we are qualified for, cost is not an issue.

Residential IR is low end income no matter how you look at it anyway.

I have found FLIR to be more professional with regards to IR, but the FLUKE camera is also good. In my never to be himble opinion, it depends upon the amont of support (training, calabration, repair, etc) you need. If you need these, go FLIR.

Hope this helps;

BTW: I have an E60 and think it is GREAT. Previously had the B cam, the B cam SD and used them until they died. I have been doing IR for 8 years. E60 is less than a year old.

Will summarizes:


called the neighbor to give her a message…priceless. LMAO.

Yeah you’re referring to Barbara Hulit as for the president of FLUKE. She was the one that made the decision for FLUKE to enter into Thermal Imaging.

I got a call last year from a lady asking me all kinds of questions about how Infrared can be used during a home inspection, what all thermal imaging was capable of detecting, and so on. I spent a fair amount of time trying to explain everything to her in simple terms. She then asked me what kinda camera I used. I responded saying that I used FLIR and FLUKE but that I had just bought my first FLUKE camera and was very impressed with it so much so that I was selling my FLIR. She then asked me If I could do her inspection on a ski resort condo in Park City. I arrived at the condos and when I noticed the cheapest condos(far cheaper than hers) started at 2.1 million dollars I began to wonder just who I was dealing with. I Googled her name only to find out she was the president of the entire FLUKE corporation.

After confronting her about it she just kinda laughed and said she liked how enthusiastic I was about promoting thermal imaging so she figured she’d just let me continue. She ended up leaving me a nice FLUKE electrical tester and told me to call her directly If I ever needed anything from FLUKE. I’ve never had a need to call her but I like knowing I can get to the very very top should I ever need to.

Thanks everyone for commenting on my post. I think sometimes I am spending to much time researching TI and not taking the proper steps to get started. I will just keep moving with my education at this point. Everyone has commented on getting education first, however if you purchase a camera, a significant discount on the Level 1 class is offered with your purchase. Making me feel like I need to purchase the camera before. I am so excited about thermal imaging and talking with everone on the forum realy helps. Just want to do things the right way. Thanks again to everyone.

Dan Boyer

Brandon, I suspect that like most heads of companies, she cares about her customers more than her middle management does. Great story, thanks for sharing it. She could make FLUKE even better is she replaced a few of her district managers IMHO.