Fluke TiR1

We are expanding and I need a Flue TiR1. Have used mine for 5 years and love it. Anyone got one for sale?

I have a demo ti300 that I can sell for basically the same price as a new TiR1 ($5295.00). I also have a demo ti400 I can get aggressive on.

I have a TiR1 in perfect condition. Look in the classified section I listed all the tools I am selling. I offered it here for $2,250 (I now realized that is a little cheap but the offer stands.

There is a Richmond InterNACHI member who I spoke to today and he has offered to let me bring it by his house so he can verify that it is real and in perfect condition his name is **Juan C. Jimenez

InterNACHI Member. **

I have pictures and more info I can send you, IM me for my phone number if you are interested.


John Meara
Richmond, VA

What’s aggressive?

Not cheep. Its a firm fee. Tir and Tir1 were consider discontinued early last year.
I purchased my Ti100 for the same fee new! many many models are discontinued but the retailer will not tell you as long as there is stock.
Do your home works.

Fair fee John.